Watchers by Dean Koontz

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Watchers by Dean KoontzWatchers by Dean Koontz
Published by Berkley on January 28th 2003
Genres: Horror
Pages: 624
Source: Purchased

From a top secret government laboratory come two genetically altered life forms. One is a magnificent dog of astonishing intelligence. The other, a hybrid monster of a brutally violent nature. And both are on the loose…Bestselling author Dean Koontz presents his most terrifying, dramatic and moving novel: The explosive story of a man and a woman, caught in a relentless storm of mankind’s darkest creation…


The PNR choice, Watchers, elicited mixed reviews from the ladies, although the reviews averaged out to a 4.1. The ladies who read it for the first time years ago, when Watchers initially came out, loved the book, calling it an “all-time favorite” and when re-reading felt it stood the test of time. The ladies that read Watchers for the first time now did like the book, not as much. Most of them felt it was somewhat dated, and tended to prefer more recent Koontz’ works.

There was also a very spirited discussion regarding the genre of the book. It is officially characterized as horror, leading to much debate over what actually constitutes “horror.” All did agree that the enjoyed the romance element of the book, as well as the dog, Einstein.

Ratings averaged to 4.1 stars, rounded to 4 for the blog.



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