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  1. I finished 3 of the 4 Warprize books by Elizabeth Vaughan. LOVED the characters, even all the secondary characters were very 3 dimensional. Keir was manly and I pictured Gerard Butler and then sometimes Clive Owen as the lead. And I still haven’t placed Warprize yet, but I pictured a young Maria Bello at one point. I adored Marcus and by the 2nd or 3rd book his story took me by complete surprise. And Simus… I just picture Michael Clark Duncan in all his glory. I sorta liked the fact I never knew what the year was or exactly where they were. It seems like Africa, or maybe Australia’s outback. I was worried at first, but once again, Ms. Baker never lets me down. 10 stars and a MUST read. I hope you all enjoy it!

  2. biancahg

    I finished “Warprize” last night and I loved it! The was Xylara was able to assess the situation and in the end get what she wanted was fantastic. I agree that Gerard Butler would be a perfect Keir. I understood why Keir “left” theWarprize but I was still frustrated with him. The ending was magnificent.

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